Complete Inspection

We are committed to a thorough inspection of your property and will document all damage to report to the insurance company. Take photographs of damage to review with you and explain the repair process .

Establish Claim

We will assist you in filing your claim with the insurance company and be there when the adjuster meeting takes place.

Review Adjuster's Findings

Review the adjuster's findings and compare to our original scope. Supplement any missed damage by the insurance adjuster.


We will educate on the products available for your home/roof that will fit your budget. You will be educated on Harbor Arbor Contracting's system, and why our system is important for the protection of the interior of your home.

Complete All Repairs

Complete all repairs and replacement with high quality materials and professional labor. This would be a great time to make any upgrades that you may want.

Assist In Final Invoice

Assist with preparing a final invoice to send to your insurance company. Offer continued support even after the roof is completed.